Exploring Fauna of Indonesia: Unit 3. Indonesian Birds (Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP Kurikulum Merdeka)

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Exploring Fauna of Indonesia: Unit 3. Indonesian Birds | Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 | Chapter 1 | SMP | Kurikulum Merdeka | Wislah Indonesia |

Unit 3. Indonesian Birds

Indonesian Birds

Pak Romi : All right, get your VR goggles guys. I will play a

program to take you to a special place to see

various Indonesian birds.

Andre : Wow. It’s amazing. Where are we?

Pipit : I think we are in a rainforest.

Monita : Galang, look! Is that the helmeted hornbill?

Galang : Where?

Monita : Over there. On the branch of the old tree to your


Galang : That’s right. It is a helmeted hornbill.

Pipit : Its neck is white.

Galang : So, that must be a female. If it is a male, the neck

is red.

Monita : It is a beautiful bird.

Andre : It is also a unique bird. It is the only hornbill that

the casque is made of keratin.

Monita : What is casque?

Pipit : The bird’s helmet.

Andre : I think she is feeding her chicks now.

Monita : What do they eat?

Galang : I’m not sure, but their main food is fig.

Monita : Is it an endangered animal?

Pipit : It is critically endangered now. Illegal hunting

makes helmeted hornbills’ numbers decrease



Cendrawasihs or the birds of paradise are from the family of

Paradisaeidae. These birds are easily recognized by their bright blue,

yellow, scarlet, and green feathers. The males’ tails are longer than the

females’. Their tails are known as wires or streamers.

Birds of Paradise live in Eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and

Eastern Australia. The diet of these birds are fruits and arthropods.

The natural devastation and illegal hunting make Cenderawasih

an endangered species. Their reproduction cycle also makes the

preservation diicult as they only produce one until two eggs.

Adapted from: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birds/facts/birds-of-paradise?msclki

d=26256016d06b11eca2f6547d404146b0, https://westpapuastory.com/cenderawasih-bird-paradise/

Passive Voice

a. Study the following explanation about how to emphasize an action

in a sentence. Then, choose the correct form of the verb

in brackets.

When we talk about facts or events, we sometimes want to emphasize

the action rather than who is doing the action. It means that the action

is more important than the doer. We use passive voice to show interest

in the person or object that experiences an action. Look at the examples:

• Orangutans’ habitat is threatened by people doing deforestation.

• The number of Bornean orangutans is now estimated at about

104,000 and the Sumatran orangutans about 7,500.

• Bekantan is used as the icon of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

• Bekantans are grouped as arboreal animals.

These are the examples of the changes from active into passive

• Galang brings binoculars to the forest. (Active).

 Binoculars are brought by Galang to the forest. (Passive).

• Monita sees a helmeted hornbill. (Active)

 A helmeted hornbill is seen by Monita. (Passive)

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